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Autumnal Shades

It’s so great that Autumn is here. Too bad the summer is gone but the fall fashions and makeup shades are too beautiful. Winter shades are just as great. I really love the browns, reds, oranges of the fall fashions. They are cozy, warm and inviting. Beauty becomes softer and warmer too. What I’m really loving are the many cosmetics that are coming in all in one palettes. It’s wonderful to have eyeshadows, blush, mascaras and lip color all in one palette. Easy in the handbag and on the wallets. I’m definitely going to stock up on quality palettes. I saw that a few cosmetic companies offer them but i hope all do at some point.


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The Recessionista Fashionista

Hey everyone. Sorry I haven’t blogged for a bit. Life has been very slow and so has work. But one thing that never deters me is always trying to look my best. You don’t have to have tons of money to look as beautiful to yourself and others. But let’s face it. When we feel wonderful about how we look, we feel confidence exude from our pores. Exercise and walking always make me feel great. I give myself weekly facial masks for about 15 min. The kind from the drugstore. I end up with the best rosy glow and my skin feels amazing. I give myself a manicure without paying a huge price because I do it myself. I buy cosmetics from the pharmacy and when i want a special splurge, I get some great higher quality things from the cosmetic counter at the mall. We can all look great no matter how much money we have. Do it yourself and see how much you save for even more stuff.

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Purchases without Guilt

LipstickI just got home from a little frugal shopping. I found some great things at the shops. I purchased a Physician Formula Color Eyes Cream Eye Shadow Stick in Champagne. It’s a really beautiful beige. It’s silky smooth and hypoallergenic. I also bought a small eyeshadow palate from LA Colors. It has a whole bunch of pastel colors. I also bought Maybelline Mineral Power powder foundation which i LOVE, LOVE so much. Finally, I bought a Burt’s Bees Lip Balm that I’ve been wanting to try. The whole point of my shopping excursion was to buy a brush holder and cosmetic bag. But no guilt here because I didn’t spend a lot. Here’s my latest article on ehow. Check it out.
How to enjoy purchases without guilt.

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Living a Beautiful Life and Saving Money at the same time.

With the times that we are all currently living, life for most of the world is harsh. Stress is a thief. Stress depletes you of happiness, it ages you and forget about what it does to your immune system. It really ravages your body and your mind. A beautiful life doesn’t have to include luxury items all over your home or a fancy car in your driveway. A beautiful life includes how well you feel about yourself and the things around you. You have to wake up and take advantages of what you have. Take saving money. In these hard times, prices have skyrocketed in many aspects of our lives. Grocery prices keep going up and they never seem to come down. But one way to save money that many people neglect because they have so many more stressful things in their lives is clipping coupons. It’s amazing how much money you really save and how happy you feel afterwards. You can get expensive items at great prices. Ladies, coupons can be used for your favorite cosmetics too. So you stay beautiful without spending your whole paycheck and you can get the wonderful, little black dress. Spend a little more on your accessories, though. They make up the best of the outfit and you can used they over and over if they are quality made. Classic never goes out of style and neither does saving money.

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