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Autumnal Shades

It’s so great that Autumn is here. Too bad the summer is gone but the fall fashions and makeup shades are too beautiful. Winter shades are just as great. I really love the browns, reds, oranges of the fall fashions. They are cozy, warm and inviting. Beauty becomes softer and warmer too. What I’m really loving are the many cosmetics that are coming in all in one palettes. It’s wonderful to have eyeshadows, blush, mascaras and lip color all in one palette. Easy in the handbag and on the wallets. I’m definitely going to stock up on quality palettes. I saw that a few cosmetic companies offer them but i hope all do at some point.


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The Recessionista Fashionista

Hey everyone. Sorry I haven’t blogged for a bit. Life has been very slow and so has work. But one thing that never deters me is always trying to look my best. You don’t have to have tons of money to look as beautiful to yourself and others. But let’s face it. When we feel wonderful about how we look, we feel confidence exude from our pores. Exercise and walking always make me feel great. I give myself weekly facial masks for about 15 min. The kind from the drugstore. I end up with the best rosy glow and my skin feels amazing. I give myself a manicure without paying a huge price because I do it myself. I buy cosmetics from the pharmacy and when i want a special splurge, I get some great higher quality things from the cosmetic counter at the mall. We can all look great no matter how much money we have. Do it yourself and see how much you save for even more stuff.

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The Natural Way to Skincare

Hey everyone. Sorry I hadn’t posted but I hadn’t been feeling well the past few days but today I am feeling tip top. I am really loving my whole natural skincare regime. I’ve been using some castile soap and water and that’s all. No weird chemicals or unpronounceable terms involved. It cleans and dissolves makeup and leaves a clean and fresh face. I follow that up with a little toner and that’s it. I know many say to use moisturizer and I do occasionally but am taking a vacay from it for a bit. My oily skin needs a reprieve. I haven’t had a pimple since I started my natural way to skincare. Now I have to try some natural cosmetics.

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Beauty of Yoga

Hi everyone. I wanted to do a small post today. I ran some errands today and stopped into some shops. I got some things that I’d been looking for for a while. Mostly some Lipsmackers. I loved them growing up. Especially the jumbo Smackers. I bought a trio with flavors Cherry Pomegranate, Cozy Cupcake and Strawberry Snowflake. I was so excited to find them. I was also able to get two items. The first is a lip gloss called Wet Shine Diamonds Liquid in Pink Carats. It matches the Sheer Raspberry that I finished. I think Almay discontinued the Sheer Raspberry Lipgloss. It was so pretty but maybe a little sticky but I still loved it.And secondly, Pure Concealer Blemish Treatment Stick in Light. I’m really happy to buy these things. I’m happy my skin is clear and in no rush to use any more Blemish treatments for awhile.
Finally, the Beauty of Yoga. I’ve been practicing Yoga on and off for about 2 years now. I love the feeling my mind and body experience during my practice. It’s part of an internal beauty that glows through to the outside. Try it and you might love it. Lord knows we all need stress relief.

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Mascara and Pure Seduction

Today I wanted to blog about some of the items that i have been using on a regular basis. One of my favorite mascaras has always been Great lash in Very Black. I decided to buy a mascara in Blackest Black a few months ago because it was on special.I really like it because it doesn’t clump and it really does a great job. I recently purchased Lash Blast and can’t wait to try that one. I have used the Lash Exact and loved it but never bought it again. I like to try different things until i can’t live without it. I adore mascara because it really does wonders for your eyes. In general, it makes your lashes sexy with volume and lengthening or simple yet sultry depending on the occasion, mood and brand.
I finished my Cucumber Toner and haven’t gone to the mall to repurchase yet. So I decided to get some Toner at the druggist. Hydrafresh Toner smells beautiful and is 99% alcohol free. It doesn’t dry out my skin the way some astringents have in the past. It refreshes and my skin is definitely softer and vibrant after I use it. My oily skin is not so shiny as before toner so that is a plus.
Next, a gift from the holidays that I had been saving for a special occasion but decided to use it anyway. I can make my own special occasions. Ultra Softening Body Butter. The jar is beautiful. It’s pink and floral. The Body Butter goes on smooth and the smell is nice. It leaves your skin soft and supple.The scent is not over powering and is delicious after a nice shower.

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The Bee’s Knees

I absolutely love natural lip balm. So far, it’s the only lip balm that hasn’t broken me out. It’s soothing and definitely refreshing. Your lips stay moisturized for a long time. It’s natural and not tested on animals. I’m tempted to get a natural Lip Shimmer and may do so on another run. I’m also really loving my new favorite hair straightening serum, Fantasia Hair Polisher. It smells so good and fruity and does a great job at protecting your hair while you style it.

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My Skincare

So I just got a Facial Cleansing Gel for oily skin. And I have to say that it’s really great. I don’t have the full system but I am definitely going to get it soon. The Cleansing Gel is very smooth and it really deep cleans. I really hope to get others’ opinions about the system before I buy it.
Among other things in my life, moisturizer is something of a puzzle for me. I have oily skin and have read that regardless if you have oily skin, you should still moisturize because your skin could be dehydrated. I have always moisturized but lately it seems I’m breaking out. So I don’t know if it’s because of products or if my diet is in disarray. I may try a hiatus for a day or two, just to see.

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Gothic Romances and New Skin Care

Hi readers. I have some time to post. The past few days have been hectic and I’ve been quite tired. Let’s see…what has happened? I finally finished “The Reader” and saw the film as well. Both are really good and I recommend you read or watch the film. Right now, I am reading a 1966 Gothic romance a friend loaned me titled “The Mists of Mourning”. I do love Gothic stories. My favorite is actually Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey. “Mists of Mourning” is short, only 150 pages but it’s interesting. There’s something interesting about the unknown and love. I’m going to begin V.C. Andrews “Delia’s Heart” sometime this week. If others are interested in talking about it or if you’ve already read it and want to recommend others, please leave a comment.
So I’ve started a new skin care routine and am absolutely LOVING it. I started using some Mario Badesco products and they are wonderful. The Enzyme Cleansing Gel goes on smooth and it hydrates my skin. I can feel it. The Cucumber Lotion is not harsh and feels moisturizing as well. My oily skin is not as shiny by mid day as before. I really think the products I’ve used are really good. I haven’t had to worry about my skin since I began using it. I really am thinking of getting the Drying Lotion for future blemishes, just in case. But hopefully I won’t have any anymore.

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Favorite Hair Conditioners

Sorry I haven’t written in the past few days. Work has been very busy and I’m trying to take advantage of the weather. Rains have been prevalent lately. I wanted to blog about my favorite conditioners for hair. I’m a real fan of the Sunsilk line especially the Hydra TLC which I’ve been using a lot. It leaves my hair smooth and lightly scented. I also really love Pantene shampoos and conditioners. I’m a regular user of their Smooth and Sleek collection and the Beautiful Lengths collection. Pantene Time Renewal Restoratives Intensive treatments are great deep conditioners. I still haven’t tried their Texturize Collection but am looking forward to it now that summer is coming. I used to have a all time favorite. Clairol Deep Conditioner. Unfortunately, I think it’s discontinued. I’ll have to check out the website for discontinued products. Well, that’s all for now.

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Nail Polish Shopping

nailpolishSo I was at the shops recently and picked up some really nice colors of nail varnish. All reasonably priced. I also bought a new manicure/pedicure set of tools which are great. Here’s my list of goodies. Sally Hanson has some great Insta-Dri polishes. I bought the Blue Streak and Expresso. The Blue Streak is shimmery and Expresso is a wonderful subtle mauvy brown. I found 2 great shades of Revlon’s nail enamel in Midnight Affair and Bewitching Bordeaux. Revlon is great in their products. Their colors usually look great on everyone. I love them all and I’m looking forward to getting more this summer.

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